Eva Edler - mosaic + fused glass

How did everything begin?

 With a course of an academic painter, a Czech glass artist, Mrs. Jana Mihulová. I attended her course on stained glass, and I got the idea to try the mosaic. I continued on my "mosaic way" abroad - I attended courses in Italy and England, where I learned from excellent mosaic masters. Later I became interested in fusing - molten glass. Since the moment I have bought my first kiln and have been able to make experiments, glass has become my passion. Many thanks to my teachers Miriam di Fiore from Italy and Martin Cheek from England.

..... and in this way I make my dreams come true :-)

I have the honour to present a small part of my production on the following pages.

I am a member of Contemporary Glass Society in England

I have the certificate Original Product of the Giant Mountains